Sigils: A Gateway to Creativity

by Gina Leslie

Sigils have been around since humans first started making marks on cave walls. We often think of sigils only in terms of magick and spells but have you considered that they have a wider potential as not only inspiration for creativity but as artwork in and of themselves? I’ve been making sigils for over 20 years and in the past few years mine have evolved from simple drawings used in my magickal practice to full-fledged art pieces just for (or mostly for) the sake of art and creativity.

Are you’re one of those people who yearn to “be” creative but think you don’t have what it takes? Do you see artwork and it “speaks” to something inside you? I’m not talking about looking at something and thinking “oh, this is nice” or “that’s really beautiful”, but that feeling that has no words to describe it, that feeling that makes you want to experience art, not just passively look at it. I see sigil making as a gateway to experiencing and participating in the creative process. It’s also a great way to move past/through whatever might be blocking your creative process if you’re already an artist.

I truly believe that most people are creative on some level, but our society so actively devalues art and creativity, in all its forms, (unless it can be monetized) that many people stifle their creative spark around the same time they put away their toys and strive to be seen and accepted as “grown up”.

If you do any amount of research on sigils, as I have, you will find all manner of equations and formulas for creation, some of them can be quite complex and intimidating. My process is very simple: I start with words that have meaning to me and experiment with the shape and arrangement of the letters until I come up with a design that “feels’ right to me. I let the shapes that emerge inform the design.

All of the images below started out as sigils and are “finished” in that I got to a point where I was satisfied with the overall design even though I could refine and change them endlessly. One of the tricky aspects of art or design is knowing when to stop fiddling with it and walk away. I hope you enjoy them.


I don’t always stick with and refine my first attempt. Here the two designs from the same original concept are quite different.  1-FocusAccomplishFinish

You can see that the original sigil is only a starting point to creating art. The third design only has a general resemblance to the original sigil.




This one came about because I was looking for something creative to do but I didn’t know specifically what I wanted to do. So I just started playing around with letters and fonts.






This is my most recent piece





I hope this inspires you to tap into the creativity inside yourself. It’s there and it’s waiting for you to come out and play.


What is an Alchemical Sacred Fire Circle by Devra Gregory

I have just returned from Mayfire, a four day, 3 night sacred fire circle gathering in The Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas. My fire circle mentors Jeff “Magnus” McBride and Abigail Spinner McBride are the creators of the community called The Vegas Vortex. And what a vortex of energy it is!

When I say 3 nights I mean that literally. We stay up in ceremony for 3 nights around the fire; circling, singing, dancing, drumming, speaking our truths, our hurts, what we release into the flame and what we commit to creating. With joy and tears, sweat and smoke it is always a profound experience.

These circles reflect the practice of Alchemy, the laboratory where lead is turned to gold. As a metaphor, we swirl ingredients (humans) in a flask (the sacred  fire circle) add heat (the central fire) and over a period of time the experiment becomes realized. Throughout the night we turn our own lead (junk holding us back) into pure gold (our illuminated spirits) as the sun brings forth a new day.

This year I was honored with a Queening ceremony. This is a time in a woman’s life when she is past mother hood, but not yet a Crone (old wise one). It is the time for her to step fully into her power. I feel ready for that. I was deeply moved when members of my fire family, some who I have known for 17 years, stepped forward, knelt in front of me and offered words of praise and honor.

I first started participating in these fire circle gatherings in Santa Cruz in the year 2000. I had just returned to the States from living in Aruba for 4 years. I was dancing there in a celebrity impersonator show and had just begun to work on my own impersonation character (Michael Jackson). Then, I got fired. (long story)

After that I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to put my energy.
AND I had a self esteem problem.
Yes, I did.

Being at the fires allowed me to stop thinking so much, to dance with freedom (rather than heady choreography), drum with deep connection to others for hours, learn to sing from my heart, and take lead parts in huge rituals. Circling round and round a fire sort of undoes what your conditioned programming is keeping you stuck in. I found my self at the fire circle.

It was through attending fire circles that helped me jump headlong into my performance career with my impersonation, and I starting a women’s ritual circle. I finally began to feel better about myself.

After several years of going up to Santa Cruz every summer it was time to find my tribe in San Diego. With a few others we created SoCal Sacred Fire in 2007-08 and then that fizzled out. Now, 10 years later I am producing Sacred Flame Fire Circle, because the passion for fire circles in me just wont go away!

I know the powerful effect circling around a fire has. I want YOU to have a profound experience, too.


While we won’t be going for 3 nights, we will have a beautiful 3 hour fire together for DREAM FIRE June 9-11 along with new ways to deepen the community experience on Friday with a workshop on co-creating a ritual experience for the fire circle on Saturday, and “playshops” on Saturday in the afternoon to immerse into your dreaming.

I want to you to discover who you are.

I want you to find the passion inside you, to find your dream and make it realized in your life. Will you?

From my heart,
(Queen) Dev