Patreon Program

Pagan Pride LA/OC has two goals. We seek to increase tolerance of the pagan community through our free Pagan Pride Day festival and to support a thriving diverse pagan community.

We have launched our new Patreon program in pursuit of both of these goals. Patreon is a membership platform in which members support creators (musicians, podcasters, or free festival creators for example) financially and often receive perks in return.

This is where YOU come in! We would love to showcase what you are offering to our community. We have started with a small selection of perks (marked with * below) and hope to add the others as our content library grows. Check out these perks and let me know if you would be interested contributing. If you have a suggestion that isn’t on the list I would love to hear it. Simply comment here or hit me up on Facebook to chat about the program.

  • Printables – coloring pages, worksheets, recipes and spell pages *
  • LIVE Facebook – ask a witch, movie watch party, divination *
  • Pagan Craft – a “how to” video short on making pagan items *
  • Monthly give away *
  • Written rituals, deity devotionals, BOS pages
  • Recorded classes – PPD could come to you and record your intro class
  • Recorded guided meditations
  • Online rituals

Thanks for all of your support!


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