Dive into Divination

by Jeanne McLaughlin

Ah, Divination!  Who among us can’t use a little extra help these days?  We live in some pretty intense times, after all.  Thank the Gods for divination in all it’s glorious forms!

Whether you prefer Tarot, Pendulums, Crystal Gazing or any of the other varieties, please do your community the following favors:

  • Continue to practice and hone your own form of divination. Getting those helpful answers when you need them most.
  • Share techniques with others, so that they may be better enabled.
  • Be open to learning new practices yourself; you never know when something new might enhance your own mystical toolkit.

Are you interested in divination but unsure where to start?  BTDT!  I encourage you to have fun with the learning of your new craft!  Explore!  Try different things and see which fits you best.  Do you like tarot?  Great!  There are countless decks you can use, each adding its own flavor.  The same thing with any of the other forms of divination – there are many varieties within each practice for you to try.  If something doesn’t work for you?  Move on.  When something does?  Own it.  You were born this way, baby.  Didn’t you hear Gaga tell you???

Divination SamplesI added a picture of my own collection of divination tools to inspire you, and to demonstrate a small percentage of the choices available to you.

How to get a useful reading                  

by Linda Fox, Intuitive Tarot

 I’m so excited, I’m going to get a reading, and the reader will know my deepest thoughts, and tell me all about when I will meet the love of my life and live happily ever after.

Nah, if a reader tells you all those things, chances are they are just trying to make you happy by telling you what you want to hear.  Some people actually want to hear those things whether it’s true or not.  I have been reading tarot and using other forms of divination for many years, and I tell the querant the truth of what divination tells me.  If they ask about meeting the love of their life, and I draw cards that say they’re still putting a lot of energy into their ex, I tell them.

If you want to be told that all your dreams will come true with no effort on your part, I’m sure there are readers out there who will tell your that.  If you want a truly helpful reading, I have some pointers for you.

Be open to being read:

If you show up with your arms crossed and a look that says I dare you to read me, you are refusing the reading before it begins.  Be open to the reader.

Listen to what the reader is saying:

The reader may not be telling you what you expect to hear.  I have done rune readings, where I gave much useful information to the querent, but they just weren’t listening.  Next I used the tarot cards and got nearly the exact same information.  She understood the second time I told her.  Perhaps she just needed to see pictures.

Think about what you want to know before you meet with your reader:

Do you want to know about relationships, work, health or money?  Pick the most important one for now and then ask for information on the others as time permits. If you’re thinking of too many things, you may not get any helpful answers.  I usually do a subject overview reading and then ask direct questions on the subject to the divination tool.

Phrase your questions carefully:

Instead of asking where will I work next, be specific:  Will I continue to work in this same field? Will I like a job in the medical field?  Do I have a chance to be hired at a specific company?  Answers to questions like this will give you much more useful information.

Instead of where will I meet my next partner, ask what will my next partner be like? They may look different than you expect and the reader may pick up on their personality or other information to help you recognize them.  Ask will I meet this person online or through an app?  At work?  Through friends?  This information will help you be on the lookout.

Don’t expect accurate readings about the distant future:

Most readers are going to tell you mainly what is going on now, in the past or in the near future.  It’s difficult for many to read years and years into the future.  Why?  Because there are so many everyday choices that you make that could change the future.  A reader can tell what is likely based on the energy you’re putting out now but you could go through a drastic change in a few years and it would all change.

What if a reader tells you something bad?

If a reader tells you of possible problems or unfortunate life changes you are getting that information so you’re aware that you may face problems related to your question.  A reading will tell you where you are most likely headed right now.  You are in control of your own life.  You can choose to make an effort to change the situation before a problem occurs.  A reading is not set in stone.  A good reason to get a reading is to foresee possible problems and be forewarned and forearmed with information, knowledge and a plan for when the time comes.  Beware however if somebody tells you have a curse, or they can change your future for a high price, it’s a scam.

So enjoy your reading, be open, have a question and don’t freak out if you are told something challenging.

Linda Fox

Linda provides Tarot, Oracle and Rune Intuitive Readings, House Blessings, Energetic Space Clearings and Seances. She reads by appointment and at the Learning Light Psychic Faire. Linda’s readings specialize in questions of practical matters and life choices. Find her on Facebook.