The World Needs Your Magic

by ~wren~ of The Enchanted Wren

personal magicI’m still in the broom closet. Are you as well? It’s fine if we’re here. It’s cozy, safe, and we don’t offend anyone. But, something has been happening to me every autumn… I am shedding more and more veils. I’m opening the door a crack, poking one or two toes outside, and so far, so good. But, there is something I want you (and me) to remember….

The world needs our magic. It needs mine. It needs yours. You have always known you held magic, or perhaps it’s newly awakened in you. The world needs it. It always has. Yet, if there were ever a time the world needed magic, it’s now.

You are awakened for a reason. The world has kissed your lips, opened your eyes, reached into your soul, and opened a door. You are magic, and the world is calling.

I’m not talking about hexing presidents or taking down regimes (all of which needs to be done). I’m talking about personal power, personal magic. Personal healing and personal growth. Have you seen the articles about how trees grow roots toward the sound of water, flowers exude sweeter nectar when they sense a pollinator nearby, and the mycorrhizae communication network between the rooted Others? That is what you have within you. Magic is energy, you are made of energy, and the world needs you.

Whether you openly wear ‘hex the patriarchy’ tee shirts, have pentacles tattooed for all to see, and spray the world around you with patchouli and sage, or you are firmly ensconced in your magical broom closet, the world needs you to find a way to be your amazing magical self. Be magic, don’t just plan rituals to do magic. Every single thought and action is magical. That’s where intention comes in.

So, shower in water and fire elements. Cook with earth and air elements. Bless every driver you pass. Speak with every winged or rooted or four+-legged Being. Listen to the music within the wind. Dance in the rain. Enter the foggy liminal spaces. Collect seeds. Read a book. Do it all with magical intention. The world needs your magic.

A Different Corner of the Closet

By Morgana RavenTree

brain conceptOften when we talk about being “in the broom closet” we have a mental image of a teenage witch misunderstood by her/his/their fundamentalist Christian family forced to practice in secret by intolerance and prejudice. My own experience was quite different and comes from the opposite perspective.

My father was born into a family of mystics. His mother was a psychic who died when he was very young. He was born with a placenta over his face which, according to local beliefs (in Indonesia) meant he would be a great psychic or magical practitioner one day. As a boy, the women of his family taught him about the medicinal properties of plants and healing methods. However, my father decided to follow a different path. As a young man he became a firm believer that “science” held the answers to everything and he rejected his upbringing. He was not an atheist, but when he talked about God it was as an abstract concept.

My mother had a very different spiritual experience. Her grandmother was known in the community as the local “witchdoctor” and midwife. My mother once walked into her grandmother’s room and found her in the dark, surrounded by burning candles, chanting. It scared the crap out of her. She called it “voodoo” though of course my great-grandmother also considered herself Christian. My mother was not a fundamentalist. When I was a child we attended a very liberal Christian church (yes there is such a thing) that did not take the bible literally. Curiously, my mother often said she thought I was the reincarnation of my great-grandmother, though since “Oma Fisher” was still alive for two years after I was born, I’m not sure how that was supposed to work.

My parents never believed the bible was literal truth and often railed against “Church-going Christians” they considered hypocrites and liars (especially my mother, who believed White church-goers discriminated against her for being brown). My father never attended church, though my mother tried several during my childhood, finally giving up when I was 10.

When I began to study witchcraft in High School, I hid it from my parents not because they would accuse me of being in cahoots with the devil, but because they would have been disappointed that I was falling into “superstition”. My father wanted to be an anthropologist but went a completely different direction in life. One of my ways to “cover” my magical interests was to say that I wanted to be an anthropologist too and disguised my studies as exploring folklore and comparative religion (I did in fact take a degree in Anthropology). Another way to “hide” it was to study Egyptology, because studying ancient Egyptian religion and culture is part of history and no one could possibly take that religion seriously (little did they know).

In the 1970’s we were on our way to becoming a strongly secular society. Magazines asked questions like “is God dead?” and “is science the new religion?” For a brief time it seemed that science was king. I’m not suggesting that science and spirituality are incompatible, but for my parents’ generation, it was, and I didn’t want to disappoint them. At the height of the space race and the era of Skylab it seemed that many people really thought that religion was just superstition and there were predictions that we would all be atheists in the future. We were unprepared for both the backlash from the religious Right and the “reawakening” of Pagan and New Age spirituality.

My parents never did discover I was a Witch.

Are You Stuck Inside The Broom Closet?

by Jeanne McLaughlin

If so, I’d like to extend a friendly hand and offer support.  You can even reach out to me on Facebook or via email if you like.  I’m pretty easy to find:  Jeanne McLaughlin is my Shamanic page, and Jeanne Lappo is the salty, unedited me.

Who am I talking to?  *You*.  Yes, really, you.  Anyone out there who isn’t able to freely express their spiritual path. Perhaps you work at a company where you’d be shunned for such things.  Sadly, many exist.  Perhaps your family or friends mock your practices.  Shame on them!

See, I’m fortunate enough to be “out” about my Pagan ways and Shamanic practices.  I speak openly about talking to trees and animal spirits… and don’t care if anyone thinks I’m nuts. *I* know.  Yet there’s so many people in our Pagan community who feel they can’t freely discuss their path, let alone develop it.

Well, I’m here for you…. and in case no one else told you “I Love You” today, then I’ll say it: “I love you!  For being brave enough to choose your path despite what anyone else says!”

And for this, you have my unabashed support, respect and encouragement.  Please don’t ever let anyone else dissuade you from your beliefs… from embracing what your heart tells you is true.

P.S.  Y’all want some “in-person Pagan bonding?  Find me on Facebook and check out the Pagan campout I’m throwing for Beltane 2020.  See you there!