Connecting People

Connecting people, a few random bits…

Years ago, someone looked at my astrology chart and exclaimed “you make connections” it is here all over your chart. Now I know just enough astrology to be dangerous, so I can’t tell you why my chart says that, but that short sentence, certainly wraps up most of my very chatty existence. Chatty in person, chatty online, the only way I can be different than who I naturally am, is to be a silent mime, and that is a whole other story.

More recently I was at a local occult shop and was shown their altar for Hecate, mentioning that she needed an altar of her very own. Not to argue in the moment, since I know She is who a person needs, not necessarily what is said about Her, or how another connects with Her, I headed home and sat by my altar. “Hey mom, what’s up with “The Condominium”, as someone dubbed it years ago. I felt a chuckle and She said, “You don’t have family on your side, so you have family on this side.”

Family on the other side I have in spades. Hecate is the matriarch of numerous deities and spirits, including mineral spirits, familiars and angels. Many have familial titles; Godmother, Dad, Crazy Auntie. At a reading when someone said “Uncle”, I knew exactly who they were referring to and he wasn’t married to my Aunt. When you include the Ancestral Healing work I do, you get a wider picture of the family that has chosen me.

Just writing that last sentence is healing for me. “Choosing Me”. I live in Los Angeles specifically because there is absolutely no biological family, even the ones I love and care about. Abandonment, abuse, addiction and narcissism are just a few of the common wounds that separate me from my genetic family…being a very open member of the Pagan community keeps many of the others at bay. Being chosen by spirits who more often than not, want to help and support me, has been a process so subtle, most were in place, long before I parsed it all out.

Expanding that, are the connections I make in community. Sharing events for The Green Man store online is my job, and I even help create events there, like the monthly Magdalene Mass with Catherin Wright. but I have reached beyond that to support several non-profits. A few that are in our wider metaphysical community, including a multi-denominational monthly world healing ceremony called the Spiritual Unity Movement in North Hills, a Summer Solstice camp-out in the Angeles National Forest, called Pacific Circle Revival and a twice a year Day of Healing event in Tarzana. Because of my online work, I have also inherited a few Facebook Groups and admin Pagans of CaliforniaLos Angeles Area Pagan Community and the Social Pagans and Wiccans of Los Angeles.

Connecting and building community is something that Griffin at The Green Man talks about all the time, and is a leader, showing how to weave a wide variety of paths into a larger “Tribe” of support. I chose my tribe and they chose me, in a wide net of caring, compassion and connection. I hope you will look around and see the threads that connect you to community and tribe and remember to strengthen and support them. Many of us might not have had a good example to start off, but it is these threads that will get us through the coming years.

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