Southland Pagan Online Resources

Here are just a smattering of the great online resources we have in the southland. Please add your recommendations in the comments.

Meet Pagans through the internet. One great online resource is The following Southland Meetups are great ways to meet local pagans and both LA and Long Beach allow you to post your own events.

Shopping Online Locally! We have a lot of great local shops that support our community through classes, workshops, and wonderful events. Some of them have online shopping as well. Check out these online shops.

Local Grown Podcasts. Pop in your headphones and get a load of these Southlanders sharing their journey with you.

  • Ravens at the Crossroads was conceived during a conversation between our two hosts while discussing the recent loss of a Pagan elder. They realized the stories of our community, especially of our elders, were being lost and forgotten. In an effort to preserve many of those stories the podcast was created.
  • Voices of the Sacred Feminine Sex, Power, Religion and Politics! All discussed here with Karen Tate, named one of the Top 13 Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality – tune in to find out why!
  • Wine Spirits & Witches Wine sipping witches talking about witchcraft and other spirited topics.
  • Witch Doctorate takes the structure of a traditional university with the wonder of esoteric knowledge, plus there’s comedy! Each semester we will explore a different witchy topic.
  • Gifts of the Wyrd Discussions of Heathen shamanic, magic, and divination practices in a modern context. GOTW promotes and welcomes inclusive Heathenry and stands against racist and bigoted ideals & practices.

Home Grown Vlogs. Let’s not forget the glorious world of video.

  • MysticHovik Hovik takes us on a journey and look into his path in Wicca.
  • Witchery & Trickery Magick, metaphysical, spiritual, and Shamanic Practices. I will be adding in more aspects of how to live the magickal lifestyle no matter what your cosmology is.
  • Patti Negri’s TV, Film,Video and stage snips


Oh, how I adore being a Techno Pagan!

Oh, how I adore being a Techno Pagan! Would you believe the first time I heard the expression I wasn’t even identifying as a Pagan?

87771962_650404682383960_988913419585323008_nAfter 59 years, now retired and “officially disabled”, having struggled most of my life trying to find my one right niche in the business world – suddenly I’m happier and busier than ever before! Your own situation might be quite different, however my story was learning that I don’t have one niche that I fit into perfectly, I have several! OMGoddess, what a delight!

First, what I love about the TP life – being 100% free to be myself 24/7/365; I can set my hours, work or not, dress how I please – or work in my Tigger onezie; I can be as wonderfully impulsive as I wish; I can put all of my websites on vacation status within minutes, for as long as I wish. Computers have always been my friends, and now they’re bringing an income! My supplies are all delivered to my door, and my USPS carrier picks up my packages from my porch. Best of all – no one else is the boss of me ever. Paradise!

If I may offer a bit of advice on what type of product/service/etc you should offer if you’re unsure? Whatever brings you joy! My experience is the more I worried about expenses, profit, and could I survive on this income, the less success I had. Conversely the more I made Medicine pieces which warmed the hearts of others without worrying about profit or selling price, the more I sold.

Now how I did it, and where the magic comes in. After all, that’s the best part of being a Pagan – the magic! My tiny empire consists of several websites:
1 – one for selling my Dad’s collection of LPs, CDs, etc
2 – one for selling my own artwork
3 – one for promoting my own Pagan Festivals (and yes, please come!)
4 – one on Amazon for misc books and items
5 – one on eBay for the same thing

Anyone can set up a website, and I’ve done many in the past which failed dismally. So why the success now? I believe it’s a combination of Spiritual growth, Karma, and Magic!

For example, on eBay I sell used DVDs for about $2-$3. It usually brings in about $5 a day. Yet, right before PantheaCon when I needed travel money, I sold about $1,200 in 2 weeks. With my Shamanic Artwork or Medicine Pieces, I made them for decades without much success; these days I have a waiting list of understanding people. My point is that it wasn’t one thing website or product or idea that made the difference for me; in my case it was the combination of many things adding up to one success. Another thing that’s helping my success is “Happy Networking”; a phrase I made up to describe interacting with others for the joy of mutual success, without concern for one’s own profit.

In closing, speaking about Happy Networking, who would like to come join me this May at my Blessed Beltane campout? It’s in Ojai, from May 1st to 4th and it’s on Facebook. I’m still looking for Speakers and Volunteers, and there’s plenty of room for vendors!