Making Fresh Cheese

by Kandy

My adventures making cheese started a while back with a group experience to make Ricotta for Imbolc. Making cheese is simply the process of separating curds from whey. This is done with either rennet (an enzyme) or acid. Aged cheeses are more complex and usually separated with rennet. Luckily, fresh cheese can be made with milk, a pot, a cheese cloth, and some acid.

Want to make your own queso fresco, paneer, farmers cheese, chevre or ricotta? Read on! 

  1. Bring milk (and salt if needed) to a gentle boil over medium heat stirring occasionally. The milk type and mixture will vary by the recipe.
  2. Add the acid
  3. Let it separate
  4. Drain into cheese cloth
  5. Process according to cheese type.

No really, it is ENTIRELY that simple. Check out the provided links to great simple recipes above and begin your cheese making adventure. If we ever get to gather again you will impress the heck out of your friends!

In my opinion, the BEST thing to do with fresh ricotta is to serve it warm, drizzled with olive oil, and topped with cracked pepper and a bit of shredded parmesan. Seriously. The best!

If for some reasons you any left, try out these awesome ricotta recipes.

Beet and ricotta hummus

Lemon ricotta pasta

Frittata with ricotta

Butternut Squash Casserole

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