The Creatures of the Forest

By Krystal Rains

The Pacific Circle Revival mission is “Bringing the pagan community together, in nature, for an enlightening, spiritual, and educational camping experience enjoyed by pagans and their families at Summer Solstice.”

Each year, we have a different theme and the focus of our presentations, altars and experiences vary within the theme or other activities on site. In 2019 at PCR, we had the second year of setting up for our directional altars/sacred spaces around the road that encircles Bandido campground. That year we added Toad, Snake, Crow and Rabbit on the various directional altars. The altars were set up early on Thursday while we set up camp. When the registered campers arrived on Friday, our opening ceremony included a walk around the site with stops at each altar.

We are always delighted to greet the resident crows and rabbits at the site, but it was not long after the altars were set up on Thursday that we saw a Black Bear at one of the trashcans. Later in the evening, we saw a doe and fawn. It was Friday evening after the campfire that I noticed something moving in the dark, when we put the light on it, there were little toads hopping about. On Friday we sighted a rattlesnake at one in the of the campground and then we saw one at the other end.

While some of these might have been a bit startling, there were no negative interactions with the humans, we just caught sight of the wonderful variety of non-human residents of the Angeles National Forest all in one weekend. This is a beautiful example of sympathetic magic, by honoring these creatures, they came to greet us.

We hope you will join us at our next Summer Solstice camp out, our confirmed dates for 2021 are June 25-27. Registration online will be open soon, to keep updated, please join our email list.

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