LIVIA: an exclusive Pagan Pride LA/OC video Performance – 12:00pm Sat. October 24th

Livia has been enchanting audiences with her magically-infused music,
mystical melodies and distinctive lyrics since she started touring her
debut album ‘Journey Of An Empath’ in 2014. Blending pop, rock, folk,
latin, industrial and gothic sounds with elements of Pagan music and
Wiccan mysticism, she has created her own unique brand of ‘magick pop’. In 2010,
she was discovered by BRIT Award-winning producer Simon Ellis (The Spice
Girls, Britney Spears) and is currently working on her new record due out
next year. Livia developed serious anxiety, depression and OCD after
experiencing severe bullying at school and has dedicated her career to
highlighting mental health issues, writing songs with deep and diverse
subject matter. When Livia performs live, she is joined by her Elemental
dancers – a group of skilled performers and flow artists who represent
Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Other Entertainment at Virtual Pagan Pride Day:

Rene Collins in an Exclusive Pagan Pride LA/OC Video Performance – 6:00pm Sun. October 25th

Note: All dates and times are subject to change. See the Virtual Pagan Pride Day LA/OC schedule on

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