Magical Qi Gong with Rene Collins  – 10:00am Sat. October 24th

In this workshop you will learn specific movements and healing sounds to assist you in your own personal workings regardless of your magickal background. Learn how to increase your Qi such that you can actually feel it in and around your body and learn to project it out. Learn the 5 elements of the Chinese system and how to connect them with the Western elemental system. Learn how to apply Qi Gong practices to develop magical health!! For 5000 years ancient Taoist Masters scientifically researched the nature of “Qi” or the Life Force. They were the first to understand how certain herbs, foods and specific movements helped cultivate Qi for health and longevity. One of the exciting elements of Qi Gong is its ability to assist in magickal operations. A practitioner, whether a witch, magician, conjurer, etc could use Qi Gong to summon greater amounts of life force. This surplus of energy could be used for charging a symbol or magickal object, building a cone of power, spell casting and chanting.

Note: Rene will also provide an exclusive Pagan Pride LA/OC video performance at 6:00pm Sun. October 25th

Rene Collins, a magickal practitioner for over 30 years,. He is trained in both Western and Eastern traditions and has studied Qi Gong and the power of the life force extensively. Rene is also skilled in martial arts, mysticism, and meditation. Rene Collins is a founding member of the Wisdom Council of the Starlit Well, offering Full Moon ceremonies monthly at Topanga State Beach for the last 5 years.

Awakening Your Green Wisdom with Julie James – 11:00am Sat. October 24th

Green Wisdom tells us that we are in relationship, at all times, with our Green cousins, plants and trees and mosses and roots. The Wisdom comes from the recognition of this relationship, a deeper understanding of how that relationship manifests, and how to further develop that connection, and interpret what we learn. In this class we will learn how to understand the “language” of plants and how to expand that relationship. Bring a few plants (edible or not, living, or freshly cut or dried or made into medicine or food—all of it works) to the class with you so as to put our work into practice right away!

Julie James is an herbal practitioner and educator based in Long Beach. She has worked with the healing plants for over 35 years, and is the owner/director of Green Wisdom Apothecary Supply and School of Herbal Studies in Long Beach. For more information, visit Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, 2023 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, Ca, 90806, United States (562) 591-8700julie@Greenwisdomherbalstudies.Com

The Mystery of Death: A Traditional Witchcraft Class by Griffin Ced & Carrie Wolf of The Green Man Store – 12:30pm Sat. October 24th

Dealing with Mortality is not something most people today spend a lot of serious time contemplating, outside of the occasional news of disaster, and the inhuman manner in which death is treated within our mainstream media entertainment arena.  But to a Traditional Witch, the relationship with Spirit is foundational, and our practices and cosmology reflect the importance of the comings and goings of spirit.  Many of our practices in life relate to a larger picture of eternity that includes the other realms and underworld, aka the Mound.

This class promises to address the subject from many contexts and bring what we consider a vital part of the Witch Lore that every “Craft” practitioner should be in possession of!

This is always an appropriate class during the Hallows Season Tide.  But this year, probably because of the Coronavirus and the tragic loss of life we have around the world, and the constant reminder of how Death stalks us all running on all media, we feel it is even more pertinent than normal.

Our classes are candid and straight to the point, with a goal to pass insight and understanding on subjects often skirted within the witching world of these times. The background and root of this class is from a British Traditional Craft (non-Wiccan) perspective and approach for those on a similar path but also as information for those not on a path such as ours. We hope this information may bring everyone some insight and strength in facing this daunting subject. We shall be pulling from a Witch’s Cosmology and practices as they pertain to the Death Realm and Legacy. If we have time or if people prefer, we hope to also be sharing personal insights and approaches to this subject of Death and Death Mysteries from our experience as Witches, spanning decades of experience.  Some of the material presented in this class may be received by some as challenging.  But it is our hope that this class and approach bring insight, clarity and liberation into the depths of the vast Legacy that awaits us within our Witch’s Blood when opening to the greater mystery of eternity!

Lady Liberty in the pursuit of democracy with Tony Mierzwicki – 1:00pm Sat. October 24th

This talk is about using Lady Liberty in the pursuit of democracy. This just focus on democracy in general. Incorporating stuff about Libertas the Roman goddess of liberty, Helios and Apollo the Greek sun gods. ***

Tony Mierzwicki is the author of “Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment” and a primer reconstructing Classical Greek religion, “Hellenismos: Practicing Greek Polytheism Today”. He has contributed to various anthologies and has been featured extensively in print, online and broadcast media. Tony developed a fascination for ancient religions in the early 1980s, which led him to immerse himself into ceremonial magick in 1990. He has been running regular workshops and rituals recreating ancient magickal and religious practices in the United States and on the east coast of Australia since 2001. See the Authors Booth after this event. For more details see

Celtic Otherworld with Muertagh AnDoile – 3:00pm Sat. October 24th

Join Murtaugh AnDoile in a short lecture on the Celtic Otherworld. Dive into the depth of Celtic mythology. 

Murtagh AnDoile is an independent scholar and researcher. He is a Drui and elder of the Tuatha De Danann Tradition (NECTW) and the group, Nemed na Morrigna. He is the Director for the Pagan History Project (currently on hiatus). He has a degree in Anthropology with specialties in Religion and mythology, and has worked as an archaeologist for Brown University. Tagh has been involved in the Pagan movement since 1968 and celebrating 51 years in same. Contact:

TechnoPaganism: Disk of Shadows, Virtual rituals, online degrees with Ann Finnin Hosted on Zoom – 4:00pm Sat. October 24th

TechnoPaganism: Disk of Shadows, Virtual rituals, online degrees.  The last thirty years have seen an uneasy alliance between modern technology and ancient pagan practices.  Are the two really compatible?  What are the challenges?  

Ann Finnin has been in the Craft for 46 years.  First initiated by Ed Fitch in 1974, she and her husband, Dave, founded the Roebuck Coven in 1976 which still meets today.  Ann has initiations in at least a half-a-dozen magical systems and groups.  Her first book, The Forge of Tubal Cain, was published by Pendraig Press in 2008.  Her second book, The Journey to the Castle, is scheduled to be published next year.

Settling into the Dark:  a nature meditation by Elizabeth TigerRose – 5:00pm Sat. October 24th

Come join Elizabeth TigerRose as she walks you through a wonderful nature meditation that will help you settle into the darkness of the wild. This mediation will go beyond reconnect you with natures and instead explore hidden unilluminated element of the green world we sprang from but now fear.

Elizabeth Rose is a High Priestess in the lineage of Tuatha de Danann, as well as one of three priestesses in our Lady of TriVia, which created public ritual after hours Agoura Renaissance Faire starting in 1985. She’s been engaged with meditation since 1972 and was trained as an MBSR facilitator in the first VA program to work with veterans using mindfulness techniques, in 2014. She is also an LCSW in both public and private practice.

Other Saturday Workshops with Returning Friends:

Workshop with Jymie Darling – 6:00pm Sat. October 24th

Workshop with Jenifer Morris – 8:00pm Sat. October 24th


The Secrets of the Tarot with Georgia Ravenhawk & Lady Brenda – 12:00pm Sun. October 25th

Join Lady Brenda and Georgia for a peek into the secrets of the Tarot cards. Learn a brief history, symbolism and how the Tarot can change and enhance your lives. At the end of the discussion 5 people will be chosen to for mini readings by Lady Brenda. All attendees will be eligible for a 20% discount for our upcoming online Tarot class. We look forwards to seeing you and sharing our passion for the Tarot.

Lady Brenda is a professional Psychic and High Priestess of  The Grove of the Green Cobra. She is also a published author of metaphysical books including: The Wings of Isis, Tarot Secrets, Reiki for Witches.

Georgia (Ravenhawk) is a longtime consulting Astrologer, professional psychic and Reiki Master. She teaches numerous classes online and is the author of three books, including Tarot Secrets, Reiki for Witches and Reiki, Crystals and Chakras.

The Red Bones: The Experience of Initiation with Jeffrey Albaugh – 5:00pm Sun. October 25th via Zoom

The experience of initiation invokes a shift in relationships and the individual’s way of being in the world, regardless of whether this experience is earned through the process of study and achievement and enacted in ritual, or occurs spontaneously through dreams or other liminal experiences. The images accompanying initiatory experiences–death, dismemberment, transformation, transition, and rebirth—appear reflected in the myths, rituals, and dreams of all cultures.  This discussion with reflect on how we as Contemporary Pagans and Witches approach the notion of initiation.  Is initiation as important as once it was?  Should everyone be initiated?  How does initiation change the initiate?

Jeffrey Albaugh is an independent scholar and educator.  Jeffrey holds a Bachelor’s in Theatre, and a Master’s in Depth Psychology.  He has served on the Board of Directors for Cherry Hill Seminary, currently serves as Program Manager for the Conference on Current Pagan Studies, and is co-chair of the Pagan Studies Unit of the American Academy of Religion, Western Regional.  He is an initiate of the Gardnerian and Georgian traditions and studied the Anderson Feri Tradition with T. Thorn Coyle.


Hermetic Mysticism in the Process of Creativity with Solar Greye – 1:00pm Sun. October 25th

The Foundation of Sense: Porto Rican Vodou with Jennifer Medway – 3:00pm Sun. October 25th

The Psychedelic Roots Of Religious Experience with Richard Merlin – 4:00pm Sun. October 25th

Note: All dates and times are subject to change. See the Virtual Pagan Pride Day LA/OC schedule on

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