Druid Hospitality Ritual with Raven’s Cry Grove, ADF – 7:00pm Sat. October 24th

Raven’s Cry Grove, ADF has been serving the L.A. Pagan community with public rituals for 21 years. We are a group of about two dozen Druids who present eight rituals a year in the Northern L.A. area at the modern Pagan high days, plus Pagan Pride Day. We are a member grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship which is based on ancient Indo-European traditions expressed through public worship, study, and fellowship. Our rituals are primarily devotional in nature, designed to strengthen the Three Kindred (Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and the Shining Ones) through our remembrance, praise and offering.

Pagan Pride LA/OC Presents: Pagan Pride LA/OC Presents a Community Ritual Pagans United for the Safety and Strength! by Griffin Ced & Carrie Wolf of The Green Man Store 7:00pm Sun. October 25th

 We call upon all Pagans form all paths and practices to unite as ONE! In unity we stand in out Power for Strength and safety in these uncertain times. As a majorly diverse community, we or the Pagan Path hold many different practices, beliefs, form of faith and traditions. We are of all colors, creeds, gender expressions, and sexual orientations. So let us then, with the power of our magics and ways, be an example of how a diverse county seems bent on division. For our safety, our strength, for our children and their Legacy for the future, let us secure our ways in the sanctuary of each other’s solidarity!

United we are Strong. Divided we are our ways are vulnerable. May the Blessings of our Gods and Ancestors bring us guidance and wisdom. SO mote it be.


Griffin Ced is the Witch Father of the family line and Tradition of Ced. Hailing from Britain, Griffin comes from a mix of Hertfordshire Village folk, Romany Gypsy, Essex and London breeding. The Witchblood was passed onto him across the veil from his Great-Grandmother. He was raised with Spiritualism and good old fashioned British Craft, into which he was initiated in Essex back in 1975. After much trailing, he fell in love with California, making LA his home for the past 27 years! Griffin has been teaching Traditional Craft and leading public rituals for over two decades and is committed to Community-building for the future of our people. To this end, Griffin, as the Manager of The Green Man in North Hollywood, has helped create the magical experience people have come to love with that store. As well as at Crones Hollow in Salt Lake City, where, together with Rita Morgan, the Dame and Mother of the Ced Line, for over the past 25 years, they have lead the oldest running coven in Utah.

Carrie Wolf Ced is the current Witch Mother and Dame of the Ced Tradition. She is also one of the owners of The Green Man Store. A self-described “recovering catholic”, Wolf was born with the Sight which runs in her family lines. Her desire to hone that ancestral gift led her to seek personalized training, which eventually led her to the study of witchcraft. In pursuit of that study, she found her way to the Ced Tradition, learning from Griffin Ced and Rita Morgan Ced and honing her craft. She was initiated into their EarthHaven coven in 2009, and was initiated into the Ced Clan in 2015. The mantle of Witch Mother and Dame of Ced was passed to her directly from Rita a few months before Rita’s death in 2019.

In 2010, she and her family members Jill & Joe Weiss opened The Green Man Store with the desire to build a pagan community, and brought Griffin Ced in as Manager. There she makes incense & oil blends, and crafts custom spell candles & mojo bags for customers and coveners alike. She is often found working with Griffin on classes, workshops, special events, and rituals for the pagan community, which has grown and flourished at the store. Outside of coven and store, Wolf is an animal lover and an accomplished Horsewoman. Horses, dogs, and cats all share in her life. A wolf lover for obvious reasons, she is a patron of Wolf Mountain Sanctuary for rescued wolves. Wolf is an avid reader and loves the works of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. She has a wry humor, a quick wit, and a sharp tongue that is almost always planted firmly in cheek.

Other Rituals at Virtual Pagan Pride LA/OC 2020:

Sound Healing Ritual with Havalah – 10:00am Sun. October 25th

Note: All dates and times are subject to change. See the Virtual Pagan Pride LA/OC 2020 schedule on

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