By Morgana RavenTree

No, not THAT president, the President of Pagan Pride LA/OC, of course. This has been a very strange year. I am beginning to think of 2020 as the “Year that Never Happened”.

This year we have said good-bye to two past contributors to Pagan Pride LA/OC – Greg Harder, our former official photographer (see the September edition of Southland Pagan Press), and Linda Fox, our former Board member and President. Linda contributed so much to the continuation and expansion of this organization. Even after she stepped down as President and from the Board, she continued to contribute as a volunteer, a vendor at our swapmeet fundraisers, and most importantly, stuffing our ever-popular mystery bags for our live event. She will be greatly missed.

This would have been our 22nd annual Pagan Pride Day LA/OC at Rainbow Lagoon in the City of Long Beach, but in early Summer, we made the hard decision that we could not hold our live event this year. Instead, we decided to go virtual for the first time. While we do not have the energy and congeniality of a live event this year, going virtual has turned out to have a silver lining – Pagan personalities who would not normally be able to travel to our event are able to join us this time, thanks to Facebook Live and other social media outlets. This year, travel distance is not an issue. This means entertainers like Livia from the UK, Tommie Starchild, Orion Foxwood, Hexeba Theaux and many other can present workshops, ritual and entertainment for the first time. We have familiar friends returning this year, too.

We are also able to expand our program to two days this year – Saturday, October 24th from 10:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday, October 25th from 10:00am to 9:15pm.

This amazing event would not have been possible without our wonderful Board – Brian Ewing, the founder of Pagan Pride Los Angeles, Inc. and currently our Vendor Coordinator and Webmaster, Kimberley Berger, our Volunteer Coordinator, Tammye McDuff Kline, Press and Vendor Promotion. We can’t forgot Chaw Moon-Starwell, our outstanding Programming Coordinator, who made this program possible, and finally a special thank you to PashurBodyArt for designing this year’s beautiful artwork.

Check our website http://www.paganpridela.org for our schedule of events and don’t forget to check out this year’s commemorative tee shirts by Infinity Prints Unlimited. We hope you enjoy this new way to experience Pagan Pride Day 2020!

Morgana RavenTree is the current President of Pagan Pride Los Angeles, Inc.

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